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11163,67 TL + KDV
  • Toplam: 13173,13 TL
  • Kodu: eb5ee4b9-7453
  • Stok: 121


DC Input Data     Max.PV-generator power[W]     5400
Max.DC voltage[V]     580
MPPT voltage range[V]     125~450
Turn on DC voltage[V]     125

Max.DC work current[A]
Number of inputs/MPP trackers     3/1
DC connection     MC IV Connector
Self-energy consumption[W]     <5
AC Output Data     Nominal AC power[W]     4600
Max.AC power[w]     5100
Max.output current[A]     25
Nominal output voltage range     According to VDE0126-1-1/AI, RD1663, ENEL, G83,G59,SAA
AC grid frequency     According to VDE0126-1-1/AI, RD1663, ENEL, G83,G59,SAA
THDi     〈1%
Power factor     ~1 (Norminal power)
AC connection     Single phase
Efficiency     Max.efficiency     97.8%
European efficiency     97.4%
MPPT adaptation efficiency     >99.5%
Safty Equipment     Leakage current monitoring unit     Integrated
DC disconnector switch     Optional
Islanding protection     AFD
Grid monitoring     
According to VDE 0126-1-1/AI,AS4777.1/2/3, RD1663,
Normative Reference     EMC compliance     EN 61000-6-1,EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3,EN 61000-6-4
Safety compliance     According to IEC 62109-1,AS3100
General Data     Dimensions(W*H*D) [mm]     390*417*142
Net weight [kg]     18
Housing     For outdoor and indoor
Mounting information     Wall mounting
Operating temperature range     -20~60℃(up 45℃ derating)
Relative humidity     0 ~ 95%
Site altitude[m]     2000
IP proection class     IP65
Topology     Transformerless
Cooling     Nature convection
Noise level[dB]     〈25
Display     4"LCD
Communication     USB2.0;RS485(Wireless/Bluetooth optional)
Standard warranty[years]     5/10(optional)